You Are Not the Body

Is it time to turn in the rent-a-body?

Is your body getting old and worn out? No need to fret. What you may not remember, is that it is only a rental.

I plan on keeping this rent-a-body in great shape well into my 90s, if not longer, with all the new life extension programs they are implementing this round of the Game of Earth.

We have stem cell injections, telomere lengthening supplements, blood transfusions to filter out the impurities, nootropics, superfoods, vegan diets, fasting, resistance training, and more.

I have a lot of projects I want to finish before this round of the game ends. And this version of the game has been especially dynamic. Everybody wants to play this round of earth. It has to be one of the most popular versions to date.

I don’t want to have to start fresh and leave a lot of stuff unfinished, though that wouldn’t be the end of the world in any case. After all, it’s only a game.

But these rent-a-bodies don’t last forever, they are rentals after all, and they do get kind of raggedy after 120 years or so. Then you turn it in, take a little break, go home, rest, and recuperate for a few hundred years or maybe a few thousand. Then you’re ready to dive back into the game of earth.

According to Matthew Ferry coming down to play earth is a sort of “vacation for the soul”. He has a system to hack the rent-a-body for a more enjoyable game.

Robert Scheinfeld explains that it is no mistake that we come in as infants unable to do anything but take in data for the first couple of years. He has a system for hacking the game too.

Jeffery A. Martin has been doing scientific studies on hacking the rent-a-body suit for over 15 years with interesting results.

There are loads of self-help, religious, and spiritual programs that help you hack into the program with varying levels of success.

With the internet, it makes for quite a smorgasbord of processes, techniques, and neuro-hacking potions.

There are new programs popping up all the time. Some of them are purely spiritual with meditation practices and maybe some yoga.

Some programs combine meditation with brain stimulation devices, plant medicines, and the latest nootropics. You can mix and match to your heart’s content!

The reason most of us come back for endless Games of Earth is that no matter how grueling and confusing the game can be, duality is fun and exciting.

The Game of Earth has a nice element of unpredictability built-in.

And no matter what happens, from Hitler to beheadings, it’s all fun and games, right?

There is variety and contrast: good & bad, happy & sad, black & white, and every shade in between. There are challenges on every front once you plug into a rent-a-body.

I can see how it would get tedious to have bliss and sameness all the time. Though it is hard to recall the tedium of endless bliss at the moment.

The rent-a-body suit suppresses your full self and cuts off a lot of knowledge. If it didn’t suppress your true self there would be no challenges and no discoveries or surprises.

But I can grock how it gets tiresome being perfect. You get jaded and you don’t appreciate what you have.

So, you get a rental earth suit and come on down for another round of Earth. Once you get done with the game and turn in your rent-a-body you really appreciate the bliss and peace and oneness of being the source-energy, fully united and everywhere all at once.

One of the tenets of the new happiness psychology is that we are very adaptable. After winning the lottery or driving that new Ferrari for a week it gets to be routine, and then you go back down to the old happiness level.

The ultimate high score is if you get into a rent-a-body suit and then figure out how to remember a portion of your real identity while you are here in the game. Then you filter that awareness through your earth suit rental, and it feels amazing!

I’ve hacked my rent-a-body for a few hours at a time, and most recently for a couple of weeks a while back. And I can attest to the peace and calm you get from doing this. No drugs were involved. It was just spontaneous happiness. Well, I did do years of meditation, research, and supplements. I’m working on a permanent hack.

It’s a little trick some guy from Nepal stumbled upon a few thousand years ago, earth time. A few others have independently reinvented this hack. It’s called enlightenment or awakening, or Kenpo, or God-consciousness, or a thousand other names.

You can hack the Game of Earth and rewrite your rent-a-suit to some degree. Once you hack the suit you get some of your normal wisdom back, without completely exiting the game.

Then all the belongings and failures and successes become a bit redundant. The game score doesn’t make you happy or sad anymore because you are already experiencing a modicum of your normal bliss state.

You don’t need money or relationships or stuff quite as much once you hack your rent-a-body. Yeah, that stuff is still nice, but you are content just to enjoy the game interface with or without a great score or lots of game assets.

Some of my favorite resource for hacking your rent-a-body

  • Buddha at the Gas Pump: hundreds of interviews with rent-a-body hackers with their own game-hacking systems, some of them based on ancient spiritual teachings, and some of them are new and self-designed.
  • Jeffery A. Martin’s programs for waking up.
  • Lincoln Gergar: an amazingly knowledgeable heart-centered earth-game hacker with hundreds of hours of free video
  • GP Walsh: Non-duality teacher
  • Cindy Teevens: has a system she built for hacking.
  • Linda Clare: Zen Buddhist style hacking
  • Rama: don’t let the tie-dye T-shirts and the out-of-date website scare you. Sign up for his free recordings on body activations.
  • Kyle Cease: ex-comedian turned game-hacker.
  • Fred Davis: funny ex-alcoholic turned game-hacker.
  • Matthew Ferry: ex marketing guru turned game-hacker.
  • Robert Scheinfeld: another ex marketing guru turned game-hacker.
  • Sam Harris: Neuroscientist with an extensive meditation app

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