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Water Fasting Journal Day 6: Consious Eating

  • Temp: 96.1
  • BP: 120/90
  • Weight: 159

From now on in things should get a bit easier. I should be burning fat and sparing muscle efficiently through ketosis.

Reasons for this fast

Losing weight for my health is one of my reasons for doing a longer fast. Plaque begins to dissolve inside the arteries rapidly causing the cholesterol levels in the blood to read high for several weeks after fasting.

Prediabetic damage to all the liver, kidneys, and other organs from being overweight begins to heal right away. Inflammation in the joints and brain goes down. The gut bacteria overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria diminishes. The gut lining begins to heal so that leaky-gut problems can diminish.

Autoimmune symptoms from leaky gut can heal. Arthritis, depression, sinusitis, and allergies can all diminish just from allowing the body to be placed on the natural operating table known as fasting.

It really feels like the body is being operated on. The energy inside the gut area, lungs, and heart, hum with activity as old cells are burned off, and toxins are shoved out of fat cells. Things are happening and all I have to do is rest.

Relationship to food

One of my biggest reasons to do a long fast is to reboot my relationship with food. From childhood, I learned to gobble my food down.

My mom was a fast eater and would finish her food and then ask me if I was finished and start in on my plate.

As a young child, I didn’t mind. I could never finish what was on my plate. I was a picky eater and never ate huge portions of food.

But as I got older and needed more food I began to keep up with mom so I could finish my food before she reached over toward my plate.

My mom’s family had a lot of food issues and anxiety around food. Her father had as a baby, some kind of malabsorption problem so his mom’s milk was not nourishing him, and he cried all the time until they added a formula to his diet.

So my mom learned her rapid eating technique from him most likely. Also, the whole family used to argue around the dinner table so I am sure that caused her to feel anxious around meals.

Her father’s mother died on the operating table for an early liposuction or fat removal procedure back in the 1940s when my mom was a child. I am sure that made a huge impression on her.

On her mother’s side, there was an obese grandmother who lived with the family and tormented my mom to eat all the time.

This grandmother would force my mom to sit at the breakfast table for hours until she ate a disgusting soft-boiled egg that she didn’t like, When my mom was really little. My mom hates eggs to this day.

My Maternal Great Grandmother Grandma Nuddleman

My mom was extremely thin the way I was as a kid and naturally didn’t have a big appetite.

When I was a kid she never forced me to finish anything. I had a pretty healthy relationship with food as a young person, besides the food gobbling that began as I hit puberty and needed more food. But I never really worried about food or my weight when I was a kid.

My mother’s mom was extremely disapproving of her and both parents were from Russian immigrant families and didn’t believe in showing emotions.

They would just laugh at my mom if she cried or showed vulnerability as a kid. My mom doesn’t remember her mother ever giving her a hug or touching her. So my mom learned to shut down her feelings.

my mom Joanne Forman as a sad thin kid in the 1940’s

I think the scarcity of love might be partly to blame for my mom’s overeating and weight gain as an adult. And even though she was affectionate with me and approved of me and told me she loved me, she didn’t approve of herself or love herself.

Kids sense this sort of thing and internalize it. I learned to hate my body and disapprove of myself through osmosis to some extent.

Conscious eating

One of the big things I want to do when I start eating again is to chew my food very well and eat slowly so I don’t re-damage my newly healed gut lining.

One of the big reasons for my health problems has been eating too fast and having feelings of scarcity and desperation. Gobbling.

Deepak Chopra has a nice set of reminders for eating Mindfully

And here are a few things that I have found to help adapted from his teachings:

  • Don’t read or watch TV or drive or do anything else while you eat
  • Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and bless the food or give thanks. This actually slows down the nervous system a little so you can eat in a calm state rather than trying to eat on the run in a fight or flight state the way most of us do these days.
  • Eat a variety of flavors so your body gets every taste it wants:
  • Sweet, sour, bitter, pungent astringent, and salty in each meal so your body doesn’t lack any flavors.
  • Smell the food and enjoy each bite
  • Chew the food until it is liquid and allow the food to go all the way down to the stomach before taking the next bite.
  • Stop at the first sign of fullness. As you slow down the process you will be able to note the exact moment that you are full.
  • If you finish everything on your plate, wait 20 minutes before taking seconds if you think you might want to eat more food.

Learning how to trust yourself with food

Eating Psychology with Marc David is another great resource for learning to eat mindfully. He has articles, books, and online retreats to help heal issues with food. He doesn’t really talk about what to eat as much as how to eat and think and feel about food.

I lost the first 40 pounds using his program in conjunction with the SpudFit mono-diet for a couple of weeks and then using Chef AJ’s plant-based protocols. I hadn’t been able to lose weight for about ten years before that.

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