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The Dirty Little Secret the Diet Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

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What the diet industry doesn’t want you to know is that they want you to stay fat!

Unless you are one of the lucky few who lost it and kept it off.

If you are one of those people who goes on a diet only once in your life, cuts back a little and cleans up your act, and never gains the weight back… then lucky you.

Your underlying programming agrees with your conscious mind and you don’t need this article.

You are one of the lucky few who do not have a lot of conflicting ingrained programs in your mind about food and body image and weight management. You have not dieted your way into damaging your metabolism. Lucky you!

For the rest of us diets stop working after a while, and we are still overfat.

Ok good, the lucky few left…

Now for the rest of us

So you don’t believe my theory that the diet industry is keeping you fat?

Here’s the deal,

If you are one of the over 45 million Americans who have gone on a diet this past year only to gain the weight back and then some, you have a lot of company. Of all the people who try diets every year most of us gain back all the weight we lost and a little more.

After years of dieting, many people gradually become obese a little at a time. Suddenly you’re buying those XXL T-shirts and it feels like there are two of you living in one body!

It isn’t your fault you keep failing at dieting

It is very disappointing to keep failing when you’ve been trying so hard to lose weight for so many years.

You berate yourself and think you are weak but this is a lie.

Something else is going on that few people are talking about.

Over 70% of Americans of all ages are overweight or obese according to the body mass index. And this is a growing trend for younger and younger people with 1 out of six kids under the age of 19 becoming obese in the US.

Welcome to a culture that hates your body no matter how skinny you are

Cultural expectations have done us all a disservice. The worship of skinny models and actresses makes healthy curvaceous women and girls hate their bodies.

The message is that you are worthless if you weigh more than 98 pounds. Is it any wonder that so many women and girls have issues with food, diets, and body image?

Americans spend over 60 million dollars per year on the diet industry!

Somebody is getting rich while the rate of diabetes, heart disease, and other food and obesity-related issues just keep growing worse.

Down the diet rabbit hole…what is really going on?

Some of you might remember the good old days when it was easy to lose weight, or you might still be there now.

I remember how easy it was to lose weight quickly before I hit 35. I was very thin at 110 pounds the whole time I was dieting, but I had to just lose 5 or ten pounds to be the “perfect” weight.

I was obsessed.

I used to just cut back a little or go on a water fast and lose ten pounds in a week or two whenever I wanted to lose a little weight.

I would go on some crazy cleanse or diet, eat only raw vegan foods, or the Atkins diet, and see immediate results just from being more aware and paying attention and putting more healthy food choices in my body.

But there’s a catch,

Dieting eventually ruined my metabolism and made me fat!

Not only that but dieting contributes to depression by taking away much-needed nutrients and essential healthy fats.

Constantly fighting the body and dieting is a bad habit to get into. The obsession with just getting those last few pounds off is an unhealthy use of your energy.

If you are in the habit of frequent dieting there is a better way.

3 reasons your body stops responding to ridged dietary regimes and beliefs

  • Metabolic damage due to unnatural diets that cause imbalances and macronutrient depletion
  • Stress
  • Subconscious patterning

The first reason diets stop working is metabolic dysfunction

When you start down the dieting path, it might be easy to drop a few pounds. When you are younger and have not abused your wonderful, faithful body so much and you’re body is more able to respond quickly.

But after you diet too many times your body becomes resistant to the shock of dieting and it starts trying to hold on to some calories if any food at all is forthcoming.

Your body becomes tired of being forced into constant ups and downs with your eating. Often when we diet we starve ourselves of critical micronutrients.

You become malnourished, frustrated and tired.

Finally, after years of this self-flagellation, the body begins to break down metabolically. You become insulin resistant, your digestion suffers, and you start to pack on the pounds faster and faster, all the while blaming yourself for not having enough self-control to starve yourself.

The second reason diets stop working is stress and  resistance

Your body-mind complex creates an emotional stress response to your beliefs about food and dieting and your negative attitude to your precious body.

When you are constantly berating yourself for every bite you take it is stressful for the mind, body, and soul.

This constant self-criticism adds to your overall stress level, forcing your adrenals to work harder and harder. Being under dieting stress constantly, on top of all the other stressors in life causes your body to function less efficiently causing further weight gain.

Mark David at The Psychology of Eating points out that toxic thoughts and beliefs about food cause your body to be stressed about eating and this causes your body to do the opposite of what you want it to.

Instead of losing weight, your body holds on to every morsel it can get a hold of. Any time you are thinking mean thoughts about how piggy you are or causing yourself anxiety overeating this creates dysfunction in your body.

  • Cortisol levels go up causing stubborn belly fat.
  • Insulin levels fluctuate wildly sending you into metabolic syndrome.
  • blood sugar levels swing dramatically causing your mood to plummet, and irresistible sugar cravings begin.
  • Nutrient imbalances make you Hangry all the time!

When you put yourself under food stress all the time it is hard for your body to properly digest and absorb nutrients.

Then not only are you unhappy with your weight and unhappy with your eating behavior, but you are also constantly hungry and tired and spaced out.

And this can affect your ability to sleep well which further increases your risk for weight gain and a host of other illnesses as your hormones become less balanced.

The third reason diets stop working is subconscious patterning

Dr. Joe Dispenza explains that after about the age of 35 your subconscious is like a computer program running in the mind that makes you live in the past.

Five percent of yourself, the conscious part, decides to eat a healthy diet while the other 95 percent, the body-mind-complex is not onboard with this new plan. It is running on autopilot, so no wonder people yo-yo back and forth with losing a few pounds only to gain them back plus some.

How can you actually use this?

The easier way to be happy and healthy and slim

All three of the above reasons are interconnected and all can be healed using the same tools. The metabolism, nervous system, and subconscious mind can all be healed by stopping the battle.



Start feeding yourself nutritious high fiber plant-based meals and you will be on your way to getting over deprivation and the binging cycle.

Stop trying to beat your body into submission. When you eat high-fiber plant foods you can feel more satisfied naturally on less food. the weight may not come off as quickly as a fad diet but it will be healthy weight loss that you can sustain. Eating a whole foods diet long term is not as dramatic as a diet

Self-acceptance, self-care, self-love is the first step to having a better body and a better life. This might be something you haven’t tried yet or your sort of tried but felt like it was taking too long.

It might sound airy-fairy to do “self-love” and eat real food your body is in desperate need of, but haven’t you had enough of dieting?

Stop playing the game and get on a plant-strong nutrient-rich whole foods diet full of trace nutrients. It might take a while but you will start to drop the pounds as your body gets adequate nutrition on a daily basis 3 times a day!

To learn more read my Plant-Based Nutrition Primer

The last thing the diet industry wants you to do is to be successful at dieting long term.

Think about it.

If you get healthy and happy with your lovely faithful body for once and for all and stop dieting they stop making money selling you pills and special books, and special foods, and programs.

They are invested in your not being able to keep the weight off, thinking you are too fat in the first place, gaining even more weight, being even more desperate to lose it, and going on yet another diet.

If dieting worked we would all be happy with our bodies and healthy by now and the diet industry would be out of business.

The diet industry’s dirty little secret

Diets are designed to seem to work for a little while. You get that instant rush of losing a few pounds in the first week or two. But usually, that is just water weight anyway because you are dehydrating yourself or otherwise damaging your body with the latest diet craze.

Or you end up losing more lean muscle mass making your fat ratio to lean muscle mass higher with each diet you go on.

Because you have not addressed the core issues:

  • Lack of nutrients
  • metabolic damage
  • Stress from hating your body, etc
  • subconscious patterning

You gain all the weight back plus another 5 or 10 pounds and have to start over. In doing this over and over you learn to blame yourself and not the impossible diets you have tried.

When you diet you are working with a flawed system of unsustainable eating. When you “diet” you are not creating a way to eat that is peaceful and nourishing and healthy for the rest of your life.

All you are doing is messing up your mind, your body, and your pocketbook.

Recovering from dieting addiction

For the lucky few, they just cut out a couple of food items or stop snacking between meals and they are back to the weight they desire.

But for the rest of us, it is much easier to start looking and feeling great naked if we stop addressing just the food and diet issue so much and start looking into the subconscious intelligence that is running the show.

Half the battle is learning to eat nourishing foods but the other half is learning to stop dieting.

If you are programmed for self-punishment and pain subconsciously there is no way you are going to allow yourself to be successful in losing weight and keeping it off.

Whatever you want most will be beyond your reach until you address the underlying beliefs about food and eating.

It doesn’t have to take a long time have to take a long time

A great way to learn how to let go of old eating patterns and ideas is through the Psychology of Eating. They have articles, videos, and a free hour-long seminar you can sign up for as well as paid programs if you want to go deeper.

Unless you address the subconscious programming, it is much harder to sustain healthy changes. Awareness that being uncomfortable is part of the process of creating new habits. It is going to feel weird at first to think differently about your body and how you eat whatever you are eating.

Letting go of food control

woman meditating

You are not going to want to let go of whatever harsh regime you have going.

Stop counting calories or following your list of forbidden foods or exercising until you drop every day. Or whatever rules you have created around food and eating.

I am not saying you should stop exercising or stop trying to eat healthfully, just learn to go about it in a different way.

Allow your metabolism and your nervous system to heal and stop browbeating your body-mind complex with constant criticism over the way you look or the foods you do or don’t eat each day. The Psychology of Eating free seminar and extensive blog is great for understanding how to do this.

Making friends with your body

Once you start to make friends with your body and subconscious daily it will become effortless to stay on whichever diet you have chosen for yourself be it high carb vegan, low carb paleo, or any of the myriad of other diets in between the two extremes.

Say hello to your subconscious mind which lives in all the cells of your body and has become the habitual firing and wiring of your brain. Through meditation, you can begin to heal the destructive patterns that started the health problems in the first place.

Daily short 10 or 20 minutes of meditation is a great place to start this journey, this will begin to erode the old programming, so you are able to start to accept good things into your life including enjoying your food without guilt and loving your body even now before you “attain the perfect weight”.

Dina Proctor has a powerful free program as well as a book on tiny mini 3-minute meditations that really work.  If you want to go deeper Lincoln Gergar is a master of learning to make friends with your subconscious mind. He has hours of free youtube videos to help with connecting to the self

9 Tools to Reprogram Your Mind for Weight Loss

  1. Psychology of Eating, Free hour-long seminar, books, and blog. I am taking their 8-week course right now. It is an excellent way to get a handle on your mind.
  2. Dr. Joe Dispenza on reprogramming your mind to get what you want.
  3. Dina Proctor three minute meditations that work
  4. iAwake meditation program has recorded brainwave entrainment programs with a great blog.
  5. Mind Valley Om Harmonics free sample meditations with beautiful entrained music.
  6. Rama body activations free guided meditations on loving and healing every part of your body.
  7. Louise Hay healing your life with her mirror work you and with her recordings, you don’t even have to be awake, just listen to her amazing affirmations as you fall asleep.
  8. Speaking of sleep how you sleep can affect how much weight you can lose and keep off. The nervous system needs to be re-calibrated so that everything is working, and restful sleep is one of the best ways to do this.  A great read is Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams.
  9. Gabriel Method Inspiring story and subconscious recordings for sleep.


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