Natural Non-Toxic Beauty

Our hair, makeup, and skin care products are not well regulated so this is something you have to take into your own hands. I was shocked to find out how many toxic chemicals are in things we put on your skin and faces! The Environmental Working Group has an extensive list of safer choices for personal care and make up.

Empower yourself with all natural non-toxic personal care products and start feeling better again rapidly.

Natural Skin Care

Amazing DYI anti-aging skin care products you can make in your own kitchen. forget toxic and costly botox injections. take back your power with clean products that will not hurt your health.

If you’re among the millions of women that spend hundreds of dollars on skin care products that are long on promises and short on results…

It’s time to stop hurting your health to look beautiful. There’s a better way!

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The vast majority of skin care products – yes, even the most expensive ones – are full of dangerous chemicals!

These chemicals can  make your skin look worse in the long run, and also create hormone imbalances that can make you gain weight and wreak havoc with your health. 

and that’s not all…

These toxins can be a factor in depression and chronic fatigue and even contribute to causing cancer with long term use. 

If you want to feel great again please stop using chemicals on your skin and hair. It is a lot easier than you think to find products that work without harming your health.

Check out my favorite resource for natural skin care!

Hair Dye Alternatives

Hair dyes are some of the worst offenders with nasty coal tar derivatives that damage hair and scalp and disrupt your natural hormones. I know how hard it is to stop using hair dyes because I love having purple hair. But I have started dying just the ends my crazy bright toxic purple so it doesn’t get anywhere near my scalp. I treat my roots with Hairprint, an all natural color restorative that helps bring back the natural color of grey hair. They also have an all natural line of shampoos, conditioners and scalp treatments.

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