Creating a Non-Toxic Home

Brain-Fog got you down?

Everyday Roots

Sadly our home furnishings, cleaning products and building materials have become laden with toxic chemicals. This is the default state of most of what we buy these days. 

But it doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming to find safer, less toxic alternatives for cleaning supplies, personal  care products and even mattresses, bedding and building supplies have come a long way in the last ten years.

One of my favorite resources for non-toxic home products is Everyday Roots. This book has hundreds of pages of reliable easy, safe alternatives to personal care and household cleaners and even toothpaste, that actually work.

The Non-Tinfoil Guide
to EMFs

It might seem strange to worry about electromagnetic radiation from your cellphone, router and even the "dirty electricity" from florescent lighting.

But these things can make a difference in your health long term. I know we can't see these things but it is similar to what happened with lead paint, x-rays, which were thought to be completely harmless when we first began using them.

The accumulation of exposure to cellphone radiation, computers, routers and other devices can effect the immune system, gut health, brain health and more. but there are solutions to having a safer environment.

Though the US has low standards for safety the World Health Organization has set safety standards which include keeping wireless and computers out of the class rooms for children.

Belly Armor

Even if you are not expecting a belly blanket could be an added protection for your delicate gut bacteria when you are healing from autoimmune issues, chronic fatigue or depression no matter which sex you are.

And if you are expecting a child a belly blanket is a must in our wireless world when you are working at your computer at home or at work.

A recent Kaiser Permanente study found that the rate of miscarriage tippled with high radiation exposure in a 900 woman study.

If you are trying to get pregnant it is important to know that electromagnetic radiation can affect fertility.

The World health organization puts cellphone radiation in the same class as lead, chloroform and engine exhaust as a potential carcinogen.

Environmental Working Group

Learn more about protecting yourself and your family from toxins and download their dirt dozen list

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