Learn How to Increase Your Energy Quickly

  • Manage your boundaries and keep from feeling drained
  • Clear energetic blocks so you stop repeating the same problems
  • Connect with your spirit more easily
  • Heal your body naturally

If you feel tired a lot of the time it could be that your energy or “vibrational frequency” needs a tune-up.

I have always been a pragmatist and never used to believe that energy fields had anything to do with health. But after years of healthy diets, expensive supplements and just focusing on the physical aspects of health I have discovered the importance of dealing with your body-mind complex at the energetic level as well.

Use more of your power when you learn to harness your energy

I am not saying you should stop worrying about what you eat or going to your doctor for help with your health or with your body.

But if you have tried everything medically available to deal with beings o darn tired, without getting results, maybe it’s time to try something else.

healing energy for depression

Stop repeating patterns of discord

If you find that you keep getting the same illnesses over and over or if you find the same problems coming up in other areas of your life, your frequency may just need a jump start and then regular tune-ups to your energy body so that it works optimally for you.

I know, it sounds woo-woo, but even science is starting to discover some truth behind the idea of the energic part of human beings as well as the chakra system. Just because we don’t know how it all works yet does not mean that something valuable cannot be learned here.

Jefferey Allen energy healer teaches with simplicity and clarity

Allen used to be a science geek but when he started seeing energy fields around people’s bodies it was hard for him to ignore the idea that there might be more to life than what we can see, and more than science can explain.

His goal is to help you learn to put your energetic body in the driver’s seat and stop struggling through life. Increase your joy and effectiveness in life, business, finances, and relationships.

He found that by learning to use his energy more efficiently he was able to feel better and get a lot more done. Things just started coming to him a lot more easily once he tuned into the frequencies of people around him.

For about ten years Jefferey was embarrassed about his new skill of seeing people’s energy. He kept his tech career and studied energy techniques on the side in secret because he knew most of his colleagues and friends wouldn’t understand his obsession.

But after ten years of hiding out and leading a double life, he finally walked away from a successful mainstream career to teach energy techniques full-time.

If you go to his site, he has a lot of free offerings and ideas and courses.

Many of his students report healing from chronic problems and just a general boost to their energy and happiness after learning his simple techniques.

To learn more about Jefferey and his ideas about energy, scroll to the bottom of his about page and watch two interviews or check out his other courses.

Have you had experiences with feeling your own energy or seeing other people’s energy? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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