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Take control of your life

Right now we are living in a dark age on the edge of a renaissance of new thinking about health and human potential.

You know deep inside that you have great potential for physical and mental vitality far beyond what the medical establishment tells you is possible

Demolish Junk Food Cravings

Food addiction is a real condition and it’s a lot more prevalent then we know. Highly palatable refined foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients can change your brain for the worst.

These days it starts very young and even in the school lunches. It’s time to say no to the food conglomerates and take back our health.

Demolish Depression

Depression is a symptom of imbalances or deficiencies and should be treated by balancing nutrition, gut and hormonal issues first and antidepressants should be last resort when all else has been tested for.

Often medications have side effects that cause depression that patients are not warned about.

Plant Based Nutrition

Food is so simple but so powerful. We don’t need man-made pharmaceuticals to heal. Give the body what it needs and get out of the way.

Nutrition effects the brain and body in so many ways. But as a culture we refuse to see the obvious, and look for answers in complex, expensive supplements,  and drugs.

Herbs and supplements have a place in healing and even pharmaceuticals can save lives but they should not be the first resort

Gut Health

The gut and brain are connected and so this can be the seat of so many problems and so many answers.
These tiny microbes can be the key to healing food addictions, depression and more.

Brain Health

Neuroplasticity means flexibility and learning, and neurogenesis means we can grow new brain cells with the right activities, foods and supplements.
With the right nutrition and the right information we can do and be so much more than we were taught we  can be.

Non-toxic Personal Care

Many of the products we put on our skin and hair and use close to our eyes are not well regulated in the USA. But there is hope.

Natural beauty companies are beginning to challenge the laws and change is coming but in the meantime you can chose safer products.

Non-toxic Home

With wireless routers, cell phones, and the accumulation of fumes from furnishings and mindlessly manufactured cleaning supplies, it is no surprise that more and more people fall ill each year.

But this is an easy fix with inexpensive alternatives you can even make yourself, and protective products for your tech tools.

Cultivate Happiness

The new science of happiness is not just about faking it until you make it, though that can trick the mind into  believing.

By cultivating a more accurate view of how the human mind really works we find ways around our natural pessimistic programming. You can quickly learn how to have better outcomes instead of the same old crap.


Recognition is starting to dawn in the health community that meditation is a tool in the healing game as much as nutrition, medication and exercise.

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