EMFs can make you feel like you have been hit with a tone of bricks

The Gut is the Missing Link for Healing Depression

Healing your microbiome to improve depression symptoms may not be something your doctor even knows about. But there are many studies now that show a connection between inflammation of your bodily systems and inflammation of the brain. It is the new paradigm in brain science.

The idea of inflammation as a key player in many mood disorders is starting to replace the old brain chemistry model for depression we have been using for so long.

If this is truly the case antidepressants are treating the wrong end of the body! No wonder they have such mixed reviews!

There is even a name for this new science of treating gut inflammation to treat mood disorders. It’s called psychobiotics,  probiotics for your microbiome and psychology all in one word!

A lot of things can damage your gut microbiome

Damage to the microbiome is the norm these days with so many unnatural elements to deal with in daily life. Probiotics can be helpful but they may not be as effective as we think they are.

Things that affect your microbiome health:

  • Processed foods
  • Pesticides and chemicals in the environment
  • Stress
  • Medications
  • Antibiotics that you are taking
  • antibiotics and pesticides your food is being fed
  • Electro Magnetic pollution

But keeping your gut healthy once you spend all that money on expensive probiotics might not be as easy as you think.

EMFs from your cell phone, and your computer could be harming your gut bacteria.

It isn’t something that most of us think about.

You could be killing off your sensitive gut bacteria with low-level radiation

I know, it sounds like tinfoil hat stuff, but hear me out for a minute.

Here’s the deal…

If you are taking expensive supplements to heal your gut bacteria and then exposing yourself to a constant wave of computer radiation you could be weakening your immune system and serotonin levels through lowering your healthy gut bacteria.

Scientific studies are finally starting to leak out about long-term exposure to EMFs, which are similar to the low-level radiation coming from a microwave oven.

This is might be important if you have tried many things to conquer depression and other related chronic symptoms, but you keep relapsing and can’t figure out why.

EMFs can make depression worse

I know how it feels to keep relapsing

I have tried a lot of things over the past 30 years and I do feel much better than I used to.

But I must admit, I still feel like crap some of the time. I notice that if I keep my phone in airplane mode more of the time it seems to help. I have also started using a computer pad, and a cell phone sleeve. Whenever I can I turn off the internet and work offline. At night I turn off the router and I sleep a lot better.

Signs that you might need to consider EMF protection

  • You have the sensation of dragging a 100-pound weight around by your ankle.
  • There is always a bit of brain fog.
  • You constantly fight food cravings no matter how many probiotics and supplements you gobble down.
  • Some days you just have to take a nap even though you sleep 8 or 9 hours per night.
  • You just feel off. You’re firing on maybe 3 and a half by sheer willpower.

The microbiome is the missing link

Have you had sugar cravings and digestion problems and gas and bloating and seasonal allergies and food allergies and immune system problems?

It’s all pointing to the microbiome.

But even after taking the best strains and trying lots of different high-quality brands diligently maybe you don’t feel a whole lot different, though it helped for a little while.

Why does it matter?

The microbiome never gets healed permanently because it keeps getting destroyed again by EMF exposure.

(“Oh please!” I hear you saying and I even see you rolling your eyes.)

Let’s just put on tin foil hats and go live in a cave for goodness sake!

I thought the same thing.
It started around 2006. Every loony was out there trying to sell crystals and pendants to protect again this invisible threat, but I wasn’t buying it.

I investigated electromagnetic radiation.

I went to a bunch of seminars, by a company that made EMF cell phone protectors, but I didn’t see any difference in using their product. I tried some other products that didn’t seem to make a difference.

It was so confusing. The studies all contradicted each other.

Big companies seemed to be controlling many of the studies. I just got a pendant and gave up after that, but things have changed a lot since 2006.

In May of 2011, the World Health Organization admitted there was a problem finally!  31 scientists from 14 different countries including the US finally reviewed studies on cell phone safety.

They reclassified cell phone radiation lumping it in with chloroform, engine exhaust, and lead as a possible carcinogen.

Everything starts in the gut

Even mainstream science is beginning to see the connection between mental health and the microbiome.

That’s not all…

Junk foods, pesticides, and refined foods have changed our microbiome.

Studies have proven the link between mental health and the type and ratio of these tiny bacteria in our gut that help us digest our food and make the proper hormones and chemicals for us to survive.

These little helper bacteria make 400 times more melatonin in the gut than in the brain and 75 percent more serotonin is released by these little bugs in the gut than in the brain.

Studies have been done on indigenous people who have a healthy gut microbiome. They move to the US, eat our food and get the same gut we have and start having mental and physical problems they never had before.

The microbiome is key but you need to protect it

These little gut buddies are sensitive!

The good bacteria keep getting destroyed by WIFI, “dirty electricity” and other toxins. As we build more cell towers and live in denser areas and drive smarter cars it just keeps getting worse.

Five pounds of microbiome love

That is the normal average amount in our intestines at any one time. So how do we fix up that little city of gut-bugs within our bodies for once and for all?

All we have to do is eat better and take a bunch of probiotics, and we will be all better right?


You build up your system over months and months and start to get better but then you relapse, and your fancy new microbiome turns to crap again!

Maybe I sound like a paranoid tinfoil hat person! And I don’t care if it helps you finally get better.

The cumulative effect of EMFs

Some people seem to function just fine in a sea of EMFs, at least for a while. But even for people who are not depressed, things can go wrong.

The weak link in their body gets triggered. Instead of depression, they get cancer, or obesity, or irritable bowel syndrome or some other disease.

You can take expensive probiotics, eat a ton of kimchi and raw kraut and have the perfect high fiber diet.

But if you don’t protect that microbiome from your cell phone, computer, and tablet WIFI you are just killing off those little microbiome buddies again every day.

EMFs may cancel out your depression treatments

The bottom line?

All those expensive solutions for depression gradually get canceled out every day

  • By sitting in front of the computer without any protection.
  • Or putting that tablet on your lap without protection.
  • Or carrying that phone in your front pocket near your gut without a phone sleeve!
  • Or having the WIFI router blasting near your body. Move it someplace else.

Using electronics without protection is almost like having unsafe sex!

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It seems like a negligible amount of electrical current. How could it possibly be destroying everything you keep fixing?

It could be that you are more sensitive than other people. Maybe its the cumulative effect after years and years of exposure that is the issue.

If you’re like me and you have chronic depression or fatigue or chronic pain or anxiety or a whole bunch of symptoms that are “all in your head” maybe it’s time to take EMF exposure seriously.

If you have symptoms that never quite go away maybe you need to lower your EMF exposure.

Then you can go back and put the probiotics in and the expensive organic healthy food in and start feeling well enough exercise and quit that job you hate and fricking have a life for a change!

Imagine what it would be like to feel good again and have the energy to change your life, your finances, and your whole situation!


All the traditional and holistic stuff you are doing or have done in the past might have worked better and gotten you much better results and faster results If it hadn’t been undermined by EMF over-exposure long term.

Gut Bacteria is a key to getting everything else you have tried because 75% of your serotonin and other useful mood hormones are made in the gut by your little gut-buddies.

Your good bacteria can easily get zapped by your cell phone, laptop or workstation.

Nobody wants to think about this EMF stuff. It sounds like an overwhelming problem.

But it is not that hard to lower your EMF exposure
You can start right this minute.

Action Steps

• Not convinced? Read the Non-tinfoil Guide to EMFs
Get a laptop EMF pad
• Turn off the WIFI whenever you can on your laptop and read or work offline.
• Go to airplane mode when you are not using your phone
• Turn off your router at night if you have access to it. (I have started doing this and I am sleeping a little better already.
• Avoid putting your phone close to your head or your body unless you get a case and a special pair of earbuds and even then, use the speaker instead.
• Get an external keyboard with a wire and an external wired mouse, (not wireless).
Get a belly blanket to protect the five pounds of little microbe buddies in your belly.
• If you have access to the electrical panel in your home turn off the breaker to your bedroom at night and see if you notice a difference.

I know this may sound trivial and fussy but it can make a big difference. Please think about this, especially if you have children. Kids are far more susceptible to radiation than adults.

Then once you have lowered the radiation exposure, you can go back and do all the expensive stuff you have been doing to get better. And this time it will stick. next time you take probiotics, antidepressants, super-duper super-foods, proper diet, healthy exercise or whatever else you want to do, you will actually see results!
It will take time to put yourself back together. But this time it will be for good because you will have all the puzzle pieces instead of all but the most important piece: protecting your gut bacteria.


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