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Our microbiome or Gut health is key to just about every bodily function but modern medicine is just barely starting to notice that these billions of tiny colonizers in our gut are producing many of the hormones and chemicals we need to survive.

Nutrition is the key to feeding this little helpers and keeping them happy and balanced. If you are able to stomach a whole foods plant-based diet this can be the easiest way to fix things. But some people need to change gradually or follow a special diet for a while before they are ready for that.

Kelly Brogan has a program incorporating nutrition, meditation and other self-care techniques that helps you get a handle on your overall health and digestion. Download a chapter of her book A Mind of Your Own here.

The new science of psychobiotics has proven that gut health controls how we feel mentally and may be responsible for many instances of depression. The gut bacteria can also have a lot to do with other inflammatory responses including arthritis, chronic fatigue, and can even play a role in autism and autoimmune conditions.

We can change the health of our gut by changing what we eat. Humans have had to adapt to changing climates, and food supplies so luckily we are able to change our gut bacteria to suite our diet.

But when you have irritated the gut lining and a leaky or permeable gut it can be a challenge to stop the irritation and get to a place where you can eat healthy high fiber foods that feed and encourage the good bacteria and get rid of the pathogenic or bad bacteria in our gut.

The problem with a permeable gut lining is that large molecules can get into the blood stream that are not supposed to be there. This can cause chronic inflammation and autoimmune response to the intruders in your bloodstream.

Unfortunately our medical system is slow to get with the program and often give pharmaceuticals or the wrong nutrition plan which can make your symptoms even worse.

Even if you are taking probiotics and eating a diet rich in plant based fiber with no refined foods you may still need to protect your gut bacteria from too many EMFs from Wifi and cell phone radiation.

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