fasting journal day 7

Fasting Journal Day 7

  • Blood pressure finally going down, 118/80
  • Temp 96.3
  • Weight: 157.8
  • Ketosis level: high
  • Taking vitamin and electrolyte water every day with B complex C and minerals

The fast is mild torture. The constant bitter taste in the mouth and the feeling of weakness in the chest and stomach. A general feeling of listlessness and fatigue.

Everyone says the hunger goes away and you feel bright and clear. But I always feel that mouth and throat feeling of wanting to eat during my fasts and so far I have never fasted long enough for that to go away.

I know I am in full ketosis so my body should be happy with all the delicious fat I am serving up. Why do I still feel physiologically hungry when I am feeding on 50 pounds of extra readily available fat?

I have 23 more days to go to reach my 30-day goal, and I don’t know how I will tolerate it.

I don’t feel like doing anything except lying down and resting. I know a lot of toxins are coming out and plaque is being cleaned out of blood vessels and organs.

My blood pressure is finally starting to come down. My body is already so much less plump and bloated and that is a wonderful feeling.

It is a taste of what it feels like to have a healthy normal body that is unhindered by bloating and heaviness. The way a body is supposed to feel.

Fasting for toxin load

After the fast will be a great opportunity to get rid of heavy metals with a binder. Living in urban areas and with all the glyphosate leaking into every nook and cranny of the planet we are all carrying a heavy toxic load these days.

I must be doing pretty well with keeping my toxin load down in general since I am never nauseated or super sick while fasting. I never have a headache or anything during the first few days and I am always able to work and function if I have to.

Don’t want to give up right before the good stuff happens

I really want to get past the ten-day mark, which I have not done yet during a fast, to see if I can get more benefits out of it. I don’t want to have suffered for 10 days only to stop when there might be something amazing right around the corner.

I want to see if what everyone says is true. That you start to feel better and less hungry later in the fast and your spiritual and mental awareness soar.

People say that hunger comes back between day 20 and day 30 or so and you know exactly when to break the fast. I want this to be really transformative and aid me in breaking the old habits and attitudes for good.

The timing is bad for this fast with Coronavirus but I am having virtually no contact with humans. I wear gloves with touching bedding from Airbnb stuff. I have been planning this for a long time and I didn’t want to wait.

A long fast is only the beginning of the healing process

fasting isnt the answer to all problems just a start

I know there is a perfectionistic aspect of fasting. As if everything is going to be perfect after the fast. In reality, the fast is simply a reset button.

The real work begins after the fast. Eating slowly and chewing well at every meal is going to be a huge effort for me because of my years of inhaling my food and feeling so much guilt and anxiety around eating at all.

To put into practice feeling relaxed and non-judgmental about my body when I eat is as important as what I am eating. To lovingly nourish myself is the key to getting over any lingering chronic fatigue and depression symptoms.

I think learning to nourish myself without guilt is key to financial and emotional issues too. It is all related. Not allowing myself to enjoy food, or receive money, or success are all knotted up together.

Learning to be happy and content with what is happening now instead of fighting it is the true purpose of the fast.

I spend so much time trying to change things and change myself, resisting this moment that I don’t enjoy what I have already achieved.

In general, this culture is chronically dissatisfied with the amazing abundance and blessings we have. We are taught not to take time to savor what we have and be content.

We must always be goal-oriented. and I love having goals and working toward them with my business and my fitness levels.

But if we are always seeking something in the future to be happy about happiness never comes, and we reinforce feelings of lack and discontent every day.

To create a happy future I need to create a habit of gratitude and contentment with my life as it is, warts and fat and all.

That is the real meaning of this fast for me; to cultivate gratitude and contentment.

fasting as a way to learn to be content with what is

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