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Fasting Journal: Day 4, Absolute Dry Fast Day 3

  • Weight 159.2 (starting weight 168, not fat loss, mostly water so far)
  • Blood pressure 140/80
  • Temperature: 96.1
  • Waist 30 in and thigh 23 in

Ketosis has finally started on day four of the fast

Ketosis level moderate/high 4.5 to 5 range. It’s interesting to see that ketosis did not actually kick in until day 4 for me. We keep hearing that ketosis starts after just 24 to 36 hours but in actuality, there are often three days of burning muscle glycogen. Once muscle glycogen is burned we don’t go right into ketosis. Some muscle tissue is used for about a day to three more days before full ketosis takes over.

How to avoid muscle wasting when fasting

Muscle wasting is why doing short 2 or 3-day fasts frequently is not a good idea. It is better to prepare for a longer fast with intermittent daily fasting and a healing diet and wean yourself off of medications with your health care practitioner. This way you avoid burning muscle tissue over and over by doing lots of shorter fasts.

One way to get into ketosis faster suggested by the Russian fasting doctor, Filonov Sergey Ivanovich to avoid muscle wasting over the first week is to eat a tiny amount of walnuts each day. Dr. Jockers suggests taking exogenous ketones or MCT oil as a way to get into ketosis faster.

Fasting is still in its infancy

I have a feeling we are in the very primitive beginnings of using fasting as a healing means. With all the technology we have, we will probably refine this process, so it works really well without any muscle wasting.

With the availability of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and binding agents to remove metals and toxins safely, they will probably be doing incredible things with fasting and nutrition in 50 years.

I feel a little off-kilter journaling about this fast because fasting is seen as so dangerous in this culture of constant snacking, and feasting. But I feel that fasting can be part of a healing toolkit if it is used wisely. Unfortunately, we have very few legitimate medically assisted fasting centers and there are many stories of fasting gone wrong out of raw food retreat centers, etc.

Longer fasts can be beneficial for chronic conditions

A longer fast of 2 weeks or beyond can be beneficial very occasionally if there is a chronic health issue that doesn’t go away. Fasting is also useful for spiritual and mental issues. Long fasts can also break the addictive cycle by letting you see just how long you can go without eating without hunger.

When you fast, you begin to see how much extra food we eat for recreational reasons. Most of us eat at least one extra meal per day that isn’t even needed for surviving and thriving. The extra food just makes us sluggish and causes disease processes because there is not enough time to digest and rest.

Long fasts for healing emotional issues

One of my reasons for fasting is that I use food to mask emotional, financial, and social problems and comfort myself. I want to face up to problems in my life and solve them without hiding behind that extra comfort meal. Fasting is a great approach to forcing yourself to face problems rather than avoid them.

How I feel on day 4 of a long fast

Not too hungry and no dreams of food. Slept from about 11 pm to 5:30 am

I am feeling good though a little weak. The mind is very active as usual. Meditated for 40 minutes this morning and felt fidgety.

 Moving slowly. Still have that bitter bile taste in the back of my mouth. The knee is still completely better. Shoulder and neck pain is mild but still chronic. Lower back pain is gone also.

I spent the day yesterday writing an article about raw foods for my health blog. I had to look at a lot of photos of food for the article, but it wasn’t overwhelming or difficult.

I am getting thirsty and have the urge to drink. I will probably end the dry fasting portion of this adventure tomorrow.

Should you take supplements to take while fasting?

suppliments for a long water fast

I went to Whole Foods and had no torment from the sights and smells of food.

The veggies and fruits looked delicious.

I bought some water-soluble vitamins and minerals:

B complex, C, K, magnesium, and liquid minerals

I also got baking soda and Himalayan pink salt to alkalize ease the kidney function when I start drinking water.

One of the dangers of breaking a dry fast and starting to drink again is overloading the kidneys. Though I am not doing 7 or 9 days dry so there is probably little danger.

Should you take detox aids during a fast?

I ordered Oxy-Powder to cleanse a little and a binding agent called biotoxin binder from Dr. Jocker’s site. I will start taking these after the fast. I think the body has enough to deal with just being in ketosis for a long period with no food.

He is all about intermittent fasting which I like, and ketogenic diets which I disagree with unless you are treating epilepsy, but he has some useful information.

I have never taken any supplements except liquid minerals while fasting. But to be on the safe side I am going to do it this time because it is dangerous to get low on thiamine, magnesium, and electrolytes especially.

I think it will make it easier to fast longer with the supplementation. In the past, I have ended fasts after 7 or 10 days because it just felt too difficult to go on.

Most people have enough stored nutrients in their bodies for up to a month and don’t need to start supplementing unless they are fasting a lot longer than that. But some people deplete vital vitamins and minerals within a week.

Since I don’t have the resources to have a doctor’s supervision I am going to play it extra safe this time and see if I can get beyond ten days.

After about 10 to 14 days is when the real benefits and healing begin. At least that is what a lot of people say. Your body gets used to ketosis and you often start feeling better. Or so I have heard.

All hunger supposedly goes away and it is time to start eating again when hunger returns between day 25 to 40.

After the fast, I will do more cleansing with Ashwagandha, and Triphala. And I may do a parasite cleanse with Mimosa Pudica and a protocol for detoxing safely from heavy metals.

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Disclaimer: Do not fast if you have issues with a weak heart, medical conditions, or are on medications, and be sure you have supervision if you plan to go on a long fast. I am not a medical professional. This is my personal fasting journal. Please consult a medical professional before you fast.

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