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Fasting Journal Day 3: Absolute Dry Fast

The first day was a water fast, this is the second day of absolute dry fast without drinking water.

  • Weight 161.3 (this first week of weight loss is mostly water and lean muscle mass, starting weight 168)
  • Temp 96.6
  • Blood Pressure: 140/80
  • Ketosis level: trace
  • Waist circumference: 30

I am feeling good physically. A little less tired than usual upon waking at my usual 5:30 hour without an alarm.

I slept a little better than usual. I had some stomach growling during the night as stuff moves around.  I still have the bitter taste in the back of my throat but inflammation in knee and shoulder injuries seems to be down.

Chronic neck stiffness is still there. Knee soreness is completely gone. Sinuses are less clogged and there seems to be movement. A small fatty tumor on my left rib cage is still there.

I have not had any dizziness upon standing though I was tired and rested yesterday after working for four hours.

The Russian Dry Fasting Protocols

My hunger level has been very low this whole fast so far. A few stray thoughts about melon and cucumbers but so far no dreams of eating and then thinking I have broken the fast.

It amuses me how the cravings for junk leave right away and I end up focusing on healthy foods during a fast. The thoughts of processed dried out baked vegan junk foods, cookies, cakes, pasta, chocolate, etc. are gone.

I spent some time reading the Russian site of Filonov Sergey Ivanovich, in translation on dry fasting. It is a little choppy with the google translation but still understandable. He has done some research on stem cell increases after fasting with water and without water over a 20-year period as well as other markers.

Dry fasting is an effective way to get rid of obsolete cells and rebuild or strengthen better cell growth in general. Other benefits of dry fasting are getting rid of parasites much faster than water fasting. Viruses and bacteria get starved out as the water is shunted to stronger cells.

He emphasized the importance of preparation before fasting. The fast begins such a rapid cleansing process that you can end up with a blockage of too many toxins coming out too fast. If this happens the body stops losing weight and becomes blocked.

Then you would have to stop the fast and do more cleansing with juices and a plant-based diet before continuing. In the case of very toxic bodies and illness, he uses a fractional treatment of 3 fasts with cleaning in between. The fasts become gradually longer after each eating phase and are better tolerated each time.

He claims that the number of fat cells decreases during fasting. But I was under the impression that they simply empty out or shrink, and remain, waiting to be refilled if you ever overeat on processed foods again. The site is anecdotal, with lots of patient journals and experiences, case studies. No major studies have been done on dry fasting.

Things are different in Russia. They are much more open to alternative forms of medicine. There is a second site about his chiropractic methods and other alternative treatments, herbal and folk medicine, and the holistic approach rather than fractionalized treatment of separate body parts that is so prevalent here in mainstream medicine.

Raw foodism and the fasting phenomenon

Fasting is very popular in raw food circles. Although I had done dry fasts on my own since the age of 14 I had not heard about other people doing dry fasting until I started getting into raw foods.

Here is an article on dry fasting by raw foodist Tonya Zavasta where she claims that the world record for dry fasting is 18 days. Like a lot of site son fasting most of the information is anecdotal and some of the information seems very folksy and dated, so you must use your own common sense when following her advice.

skin cupping and brushing

I have some cupping devices, skin scrapers, and skin brushing tools to facilitate lymphatic system drainage, so I will do a session today.

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Disclaimer: Do not fast if you have issues with a weak heart, medical conditions, or are on medications, and be sure you have supervision if you plan to go on a long fast. I am not a medical professional. This is my personal fasting journal. Please consult a medical professional before you fast.

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