Beat Depression Naturally

Don't Just Recover from Depression: THRIVE!

At Mind-Body Clarity the focus is on natural recovery from depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders by healing the whole body-mind system.

Pharmaceuticals are not your only choice  for coping with depression. Harsh pharmaceuticals should be the last resort not the first and only offering. But most doctors don’t know about alternatives.

Depression manifests differently in every person and is often a symptom  that something is wrong with one of your bodily systems and not not a disease. These days there are many simple affordable blood tests to try first before resorting to drug treatments.

If you have tried antidepressants or white-knuckled it through years of therapy and wondered if there was a better way, the good news is there is a lot of new research and science-backed methods that often work better than the old “chemical brain imbalance” model.

For many of us will power, talk therapy, positive thinking or antidepressants just don’t do the job.

Reduce or get off antidepressants safely and achieve healthy weight loss at the same time, if you have weight to lose.

  • Are you tired of being depressed, anxious, wired and tired?
  • Are you sick of the same chronic aches and pains?
  • Are you tired of the side effects of antidepressants?
  • Do you want to be drug free happy and thin and healthy

Fix your depression by finding the source of the problem.

Don't just mask symptoms with drugs.

First let me make it clear that if traditional treatment is working for you and you are happy with it, I am in no way suggesting that you stop.

This is a site for people who want alternatives to psych drugs for treating depression and anxiety.

One of the biggest complaints most people have about antidepressants (besides all of the other side effects) is that they make you gain weight.

Then you are told you have to stay on drugs for life, and then there is no hope of losing weight.

“Take your medication if you don’t want to relapse.” Is advice many of us have been given by medical professionals.

But for many people, antidepressants do not help or they help for a short time and then “poop out”. Then you end up taking several drugs together and it is very hard to wean off of them. The side effects and drug interactions can be a nightmare.

For most people drugs should be the last resort once they have tried other avenues that are less dangerous and addictive.

Maybe your antidepressants dull your feelings a bit but is this the only way to deal with depression?

Depression is not an antidepressant deficiency and the serotonin/brain chemistry model for depression has never been proven.

Brain chemistry imbalance is not the cause of depression it is a symptom.

Depression is a symptom that something is wrong in a bodily system, and often involves inflammation of the gut-brain axis, thyroid, or other hormones.

Often other drugs like birth control pills, statin drugs, and antacids can cause depression.

And if you are prescribed several different medications at once this can cause problems with moods that could be treated with less toxic and less drastic measures.

And that’s not all,

Your doctor probably didn’t tell you about the addictive qualities of antidepressants and how tough it can be to get off of them without proper preparation.
And most doctors can’t help you because they know nothing about the safest process for withdrawal from psych drugs.

The good news is that functional medicine is beginning to look at the whole system and there is plenty of knowledge and help if you want to try something different.

Fix the source of inflammation and other body issues and you fix depression.

Keeping you on toxic drugs is making big pharma rich and might be keeping you fat and sick.

It's very possible to safely recover from depression without toxic drugs

You just have get to the root cause instead of masking the symptoms with toxic drugs.

  • You need to know what to eat to support brain and body
  • What toxins to stop eating and stop using around the house
  • Where to find medical testing for thyroid issues, blood sugar and deficiencies
  • How to fix your gut microbiome
  • How to find out if you have histamine sensitivity
  • Find out if you have food sensitivities
  • Find out if you have methylation mutations, (B vitamin absorption issues)
  • Find out about other blood tests you can take through a functional medicine expert if all else fails.

How to stop or reduce antidepressants

It is very possible to prepare for drug tapering properly and safely. I did it the wrong way and survived, but you can do it the right way!

It is totally doable to gradually get off antidepressants safely with the right natural aids and the right dietary preparation and the right support.

And at the same time, you can begin to put healthy eating habits in place for life and lose whatever weight you need to lose.

Drugs mask symptoms but often do not cure the causes of depression and anxiety and the side effects just keep mounting up the longer you take them.

Fixing Your Nutrition

Find researched proven nutrition systems, supplementation, and natural herbs that have the power to change your moods and energy levels. Unlike antidepressants you don’t need to stay on supplements forever, just until your body reaches a healed state of equilibrium. And none of these natural substances build up in your system making you sicker and  giving you deadly side effects. Instead your health will improve over time.

Fixing Your Sleep

Sleep also plays a big role in your health. Sleeping well is related to your diet, exercise, and work schedule. You can learn sleep hacks to improve mood, cortisol levels, and brain healing. Wouldn’t you like to finally sleep better, and wake up feeling rested refreshed and alert?

Finding Genuine Expert Support

It is nice to have guidance to get to the root of your condition, but often your doctor does not know enough about drug alternatives to help you. Luckily it isn’t all that difficult to find health care providers who are on your side these days.
  • Know what to look for and when to walk away from a medical provider who is not helpful or may even be harmful.
  • Learn how to find MD’s, licensed naturopathic doctors, holistic nutritionists, and complimentary care specialists who don’t want to drug you up with toxins.
  • Experienced holistic experts can help you taper off pharmaceuticals safely and effectively.

Other Tools to Treat Depression

  • yoga
  • meditation
  • acupuncture
  • Light therapy
  • Self-massage
  • Neuro-feedback
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Magnetic resonance devices
 And so much more! Once you get into this you will find success stories and tools you never knew existed.

Fixing Your Money

And the rest of your life. It’s all connected. Depression messes up your health, your sleep, your relationships, and your finances. I bet you’re really tired of repeating the same old worn out patterns with jobs and money because of your depression or anxiety? Once you get your nutrition and supplementation and sleep under control and start to feel better it’s time to fix the rest of your life. That’s where meditation, happiness science and other cognitive approaches come into play

Mind over matter, meditation and more…

Don’t feel bad if you have not been able to talk or think your way to perfect health no matter how many books, courses, videos and talks you have been to.

I love me some Vipassana meditation, body activation, Joe Dispenza and many more techniques. But it all goes a lot smoother if your body is in optimal working order.

A big part of recovery from depression is to learn to control your thoughts. That’s where cognitive therapy, mediation and positive thoughts come in.

But you can’t just white knuckle your way to health with endless talk therapy and positive thinking if there is an underlying physical problem that has not been addressed. At least most people can’t.

I mean… you can if your Eckhart Tolle or Byron Katie but how many people are lucky enough to have spontaneous awakenings or realizations from clinical depression into unending bliss?

Take care of any underlying physical causes of the persistent lousy mood you are in to get lasting results. Dig out the root causes first then you will be ready to tackle everything else.

What’s Next?

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