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Pilates VS Yoga
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Pilates Versus Yoga – What’s the Difference?

Many people think that Pilates and Yoga are pretty much the same kind of exercise. But even though some of the body positions look similar, the experience of doing Pilates versus Yoga is totally different. Pilates and Yoga can complement each other because they each emphasize different types of movement and different fitness and mental

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photo by Oluremi Adebayo

How to Use Tech and Tools to Get Out of a Yoga Rut

According to Destress Monday, over 37 million people have taken up yoga in America. The benefits of yoga are well-documented, from reducing anxiety and stress to strengthening your core, improving flexibility, and toning muscles. Yoga can also provide a deep sense of calm, peace, and happiness. But sometimes, yogis get in a rut and their

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