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Fasting Journal Day 9 the End of the Fast & How to Refeed

Weight after eating a melon last night: 154.8,  Starting weight was 168. But of course, this isn’t really measuring fat loss to lean muscle loss. I decided I’d had enough of feeling listless and weak. I didn’t feel like I could stand another night of going to bed hungry. Restocking the fridge I went out

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fasting journal day 7
Cultivating Happiness

Fasting Journal Day 7

Blood pressure finally going down, 118/80 Temp 96.3 Weight: 157.8 Ketosis level: high Taking vitamin and electrolyte water every day with B complex C and minerals The fast is mild torture. The constant bitter taste in the mouth and the feeling of weakness in the chest and stomach. A general feeling of listlessness and fatigue.

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water fasting journal
Emotional Eating

Water Fasting Journal Day 6: Consious Eating

Temp: 96.1 BP: 120/90 Weight: 159 From now on in things should get a bit easier. I should be burning fat and sparing muscle efficiently through ketosis. Reasons for this fast Losing weight for my health is one of my reasons for doing a longer fast. Plaque begins to dissolve inside the arteries rapidly causing

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