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Mind-Body Clarity is  a resource for green sustainable products, and plant-strong eating, empowering you to control your wellness holistically.

You are a powerful force for good when you choose organic, eco-friendly products.

We make a difference when we choose to live everyday consciously.

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Simplicity isn’t profitable for the medical industrial complex.  Sometimes you have to be ahead of the curve and drop ideas when they don’t fit anymore, especially when it comes to the health of yourself and the planet.


Don't wait for the medical system to catch up

Take your back your power over your wellbeing with a whole foods plant-based diet.

Staying healthy doesn’t have to be as complicated as our sickness-care system makes it.

Go Plant-powered today!

There is a surprising amount of information and research on managing lifestyle diseases and even complete recovery from diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, and more using a whole foods, plant-strong approach.

If you want permanent weight loss without constantly dieting, a plant-strong diet can help.

Our medical system is a fantastic resource, but we are overmedicating for chronic lifestyle diseases that have their root causes in nutrition, and damage to our gut microbiome.

Protein Myths

Strange as it may sound, animal products are not the only source of protein for humans. Too much animal protein can cause problems with digestion, weight gain, many types of cancer, and cardiovascular conditions. By eating a plant-strong diet you can avoid many health conditions.

Calcium Myths

Studies show that dairy is not the best source of calcium for humans. People with the highest bone density live on predominantly plant-based diets rich in whole foods. Countries that adopt high use of dairy and processed foods have an increase in osteoporosis.

Studies Show Ketogenic Diet Can Damage Health Over Long-Term

Ketosis is not our normal way of functioning.  Glycogen is our natural fuel for both muscle and brain. Chronic ketosis can lead to muscle loss, dehydration, and a slower metabolism than you started with.

Benefits of a Whole-foods Plant-based Lifestyle

How I finally lost 40 pounds and got my life back…

Hi, I’m Zoe. I started this site to spread the good news about how simple it is to take back your power over your health.

I’m not going to tell you that life is perfect now that I was able to change my diet and lose weight.

But life is a lot better than it was. My depression, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia have all improved.

I wish I had known about a plant-strong diet, and food as medicine much sooner.

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