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Fasting Journal day 9 the End of the Fast & How to refeed

Weight after eating a melon last night: 154.8,  Starting weight was 168. But of course this isn’t really measuring fat loss to lean muscle loss. I decided I’d had enough of feeling listless and weak. I didn’t feel like I could stand another night of going to bed hungry. Restocking the fridge I went out

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fasting journal day 7

Fasting Journal Day 7

Blood pressure finally going down: 118/80 Temp 96.3 Weight: 157.8 Ketosis level: high Taking vitamin and electrolyte water every day with B complex C and minerals The fast is mild torture. The constant bitter taste in the mouth and the feeling of weakness in the chest and stomach. A general feeling of listlessness and fatigue.

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water fasting journal

Water Fasting Journal Day 6: Consious Eating

Temp: 96.1 BP: 120/90 Weight: 159 From now on in things should get a bit easier. I should be burning fat and sparing muscle efficiently through ketosis. Reasons for this fast Losing weight for my health is one of my reasons for doing a longer fast. Plaque begins to dissolve inside the arteries rapidly causing

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spudfit review low fat high carb

Review of Spud Fit Mono-Diet

I found the Spud Fit potato mono diet while cruising YouTube for whole foods diet inspiration. I was having trouble with food cravings and wanted to find a way to stay on a healthy whole foods diet and get free of sugar and processed food for good. The Spud Fit Mono-Diet After watching an inspiring

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Fasting Journal Day 5: Breaking a 3-Day Dry Fast

Back to drinking water after 3 days of dry fasting. Weight: 160 at 6am after drinking water. (At midnight I weighed 157.4 after fasting dry for 3 days.) Temp: 95.1 BP: 130/90 I woke up around midnight and weighed myself and I was down 2 more pounds. But it was water weight not fat. I

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Pilates VS Yoga

Pilates Versus Yoga – What’s the Difference?

Many people think that Pilates and Yoga are pretty much the same kind of exercise. But even though some of the body positions look similar, the experience of doing Pilates versus Yoga is totally different. Pilates and Yoga can complement each other because they each emphasize different types of movement and different fitness and mental

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Chaco Canyon New Mexico

Fasting Journal: Day 4, Absolute Dry Fast Day 3

Weight 159.2 (starting weight 168 not fat loss, mostly water so far) Blood pressure 140/80 Temperature: 96.1 Waist 30 in and thigh 23 in Ketosis has finally started on day four of the fast Ketosis level moderate/high 4.5 to 5 range. It’s interesting to see that ketosis did not actually kick in until day 4

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